Everything you need to take part in CISV’s international programs:

Child Travelling with Leader Legal FormChild Travelling Alone Legal FormAdult Legal FormHealth Information Form (HF)
This form is for child participants in Village, Interchange, Step Up and Youth Meetings for ages 15 and under; all travelling with an adult leader.This form is for participants under the age 18 and Junior Counsellors who are permitted to travel without an adult leader.This form is for is for participants, staff and leaders aged 18+.This form relates to all participants, youth and adults. It must be completed and signed not more than 3 months before participation.
This form is to be completed by a parent or legal guardian of the participant.This form is to be completed by the youth participant and a parent / legal guardian. This form is to be completed by the participant.Parts A, B, C and D are to be filled out by by the parent/legal guardian of youth participant, or if participant is an adult – by the participant.

Part E is the only part that must be completed by a doctor

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